Breville BES870XL Review

Breville BES870XL review is one of the featured products from the coffee machine producer Breville recently. It is well known for some features that are mentioned in the tagline; the barista express espresso machine with espresso tamper, frothing pitcher, cups, and saucers. Of course, there are still many more reasons that make the product are worth to buy.

Undeniably, some improvements are seen in both design and function. At least, it is if you compare this coffee machine to the previous series. So, do you want to know more about this product? Some explanations below may be a good reference for you. Check them out.

Breville BES870XL
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Breville BES870XL Review: An Easy-to-Use Grinder and Coffee Machine for Beginners

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Reviews of the Design

If you want to buy a product, it is reasonable if the design becomes one of the things to consider. In general, this coffee machine is quite impressive with its classic look. The classic design is commonly associated with many details and accents and all parts. Besides, the general machine looks complex as well.

In Breville BES870XL, although the complexity and details are still there, those details are functional. For examples, some buttons placed in the front part are indeed used to operate the machine, not only the decorations.

The slot for cups is higher and wider. It makes you feel more convenient in placing the drink ware there. The higher slot also enables you to put a medium-sized bottle or thermos there. You don’t need to pour it in the glass first before the bottle this way.

Not only is it about the slot which is bigger than the previous series but also the Breville BES870XL water tank. The bigger tank means the more water to be loaded there. So, with only one process, you can load more coffee beans with water of around 2 liters. Then, it can be automatically turned into coffee drink there.

The main material is stainless steel and it is sealed by the newest technology. It makes the coffee grinder and machine tend to be more durable even for some decades. There are some colors available but it seems that the silver is the one mostly found in the market. So, if you just want to feel about grinding coffee in a modern machine but with really sophisticated technology, Breville BES870XL is definitely the best answer.

Breville BS870XL Specifications

The design is impressive indeed. However, how is it about its performance? Breville itself is well-known for the quality products from many years. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all products released by this brand are perfect. But mostly, there are not too many complaints from the customers. It is expected that the BS870XL series has the same images also. At least, the product has proved that it can be functioned very well without too many problems.

It is probably due to the specifications that are excellent. What are the details of the products? First, there is a 15 Bar Italian Pump that can be operated very easily. The machine working inside tends to make the process of manual grinding not really hard. Of course, it is possible also to turn it into the automatic mode so that you don’t need to stay near to it during the grinding process.

Second, there is also the thermo coil heating system to fasten the grinding process. For further explanations regarding how the machine works, you can take a look at Breville BES870XL Manual.

Third, there is a new feature named Purge Function. What is it for? it enables you to automatically set the water temperature. If you are working as a barista or around the coffee matter, you must know well why the temperature is something important to adjust. Yes, the types of coffee tend to need different temperature during the process to make the results perfect. The temperature process is commonly done after steaming for optimal espresso extraction.

Fourth, it actually has been mentioned above, it is the main material used to build up the coffee grinder and machine. It is made from stainless steel conical burr to make sure that the product is not only stronger but also more durable. This type of stainless steel is also known to be more anti-corrosion. Of course, you must be careful in term of storage and daily treatment. No matter how good the materials are, it can be nothing if you treat it carelessly.

Fifth, for the additional safety and to make the product more durable, the bean hopper is sealed by the same material; it is stainless steel conical burr grinder. It is to avoid the condition inside being too humid so that it influences the coffee taste.

Sixth, the water tank is removable. The process of removable is actually very easy but it is often confusing in the beginning. Therefore, if you are interested to buy this product, it is not bad to download the Breville BES870XL Manual PDF download from the internet. Yes, it is even if you may still not know whether this product is the one to be bought or not. At least, you can learn about the way to use it as a reference whether the product is really worth to buy or not. Anyway, the water tank can load around 2L water, it is more than most of the coffee grinder and machine in the market. Well, the ability to load more water is a little bit surprising by seeing the sizes that look not really big. They are only 19.9×17.7×16.2 inches.

Lastly, it features the newer model. Okay, this series from Breville indeed looks classic but the design has not been used before. If you want a kind of unique products that are not owned by people mostly, Breville BES87XL is worth to buy.

Pros and Cons

Just like other products, this new series from Breville has some pros and cons. For the pros, the product is designed beautifully. Well, it is all about the taste for sure. When it looks good for someone, it may not like that for others. But if you are looking for a kind of coffee grinder and machine with cool classical design, this one is just good for you.

The next benefit is multifunctional characteristics. With the product, you can process coffee from beginning to the end. It is starting from grinding the beans to making a drink. It is mainly featured the espresso function indeed. However, you can make many kinds of coffee with it.

The machine is durable and not easily damaged. Yes, the use of stainless steel conical burr tends to make the ingredients keep healthy. In other words, the product is food grade. Interestingly, for all the benefits given by this grinder, you should not pay too expensively. It is only $609.00 in Amazon and all things can just be done inside the machine at once.

Moreover, tempting offers like Breville BES870XL sale is also available around. The discounts are commonly given if you also buy some other products in the same stall or shop. The machine is easy to clean and dish wash. But you have to make sure to let it dry before the next usage. It is a basic rule for the coffee machine treatment, mainly if you want to keep the quality of the drink produced.

This series from Breville is indeed so-called a product for the barista. However, you should not be a professional barista to use it. Well, everybody can just use the grinder from Breville and make a cup of tasty coffee.

After all the pros, now, we talk about the cons. unfortunately, after some years; some users found the product is suddenly stopped when being used. It can work after turning off and turning on again several times. In some cases, the stop only happens once or twice. However, there are also cases where the stop happens frequently. Of course, it is quite disturbing. Some solutions can be taken. First, it is by seeing the manual particularly in the page of Breville BES870XL troubleshooting. But if it is still not working, calling the service is the only thing you can do.

Buying Guide

As a customer, it is reasonable if you want to get the Breville BES870XL best price for the product. Sure, if you are able to spend less on the more products, it is just better, isn’t it? it is no matter where you want to buy this coffee grinder and machine. However, it is still recommended to go to a trusted shop or e-commerce to make sure you are not experienced terrible things like fraud or scam. Besides, the product is also more guaranteed to be original.

For some people, the price of around $609 seems to be quite expensive for a coffee machine. Undeniably, some other series are offered at a cheaper price in the market. However, you should see the specifications. There are indeed more things to be found from this machine. Besides, the materials and features are indeed qualified for the best coffee produced as well as making the product more durable. Don’t be easily tempted to the cheap price since it is probably not in line with the quality given. You can see the seal and manual first before deciding to buy the machine.

Even for the Breville BES870XL lowest price, it must not be less than $600. So, if you get an offer of this series less than that number, you must be extra careful. It is not bad to buy other kinds of stuff related to the coffee machine. They can be the cup, bottle, cleaner, and others. If you are lucky, there will be more discounts and even free shipping cost for all the items.

How to Set Up and Operate Breville BES870XL

Breville BES870XL is designed and produced using the way to make Espresso as the reference. Espresso making is often said as the true combination of art and science. Besides, when a coffee grinder and machine is able to make Espresso, it means that the machine can also be used to make other types of coffee. Well, theoretically, it should be that way.

This is what tries to be applied in this series from Breville. Moreover, the product is also designed and developed to facilitate the beginners in the area of coffee making. Therefore, Breville BES870XL can be used very easily.

After receiving the product, there are only some items that need to be installed. In other words, if all the items have been put on its place, you can just use it. There are two main ways to operate the grinder. They are manual and automatic modes. You can just choose one of them you like the most. For the two modes available, this is the reason why the product is called a semi-automatic grinder and machine. If you choose the manual mode, the pump is really easy and convenient to grab and handle.

The easiness also comes from the pre-brew function and flat shower. They allow you to process the coffee without needing to stay around the machine just to see whether it is done or not. Some other great features to help you are the cup warmer on the top of the machine, swivel-action steam wands, and filter basket. The cup water is important to remove the excess of water automatically. Therefore, when the coffee puck has been in the filter basket, there is completely no water in it.

The basket works together with the cup water to remove water. Besides, the basket is also functioned as the place to load the coffee after some process including coffee extraction. Swivel-action steam wand can be turned around up to 360 degrees for a thorough heat. The feature is necessary for some types of coffee like lattes and cappuccinos.

To operate all of them, there have been buttons available in the front part of the machine. You can just push one of them based on your necessities. Based on the Breville BES80XL review explained above, it can be concluded that this product is really worth to buy.

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