Breville BES870XL

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review. Breville BES870XL review is what you definitely look for before buying an espresso machine. For you the coffee particularly the espresso lovers, it is probably not enough to only enjoy the coffee by brewing. If it is possible for processing it from the beginning, it is surely the real satisfaction. To realize it, you need an espresso machine which is really qualified and able to produce this beverage with good taste.

Rather than being so confused with the products to buy, here is a recommendation. It is an espresso machine from Breville; the Breville BES870XL. The machine is not only for making the espresso but you can even start it all from the grinding process. So, what makes this series of Breville espresso maker is worth to buy? Check them out.

Breville BES870XL
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Breville BES870XL


The modern and ergonomic design is often being the first consideration in buying the home appliances. Despite it may make the appearance of your kitchen look more fashionable, the design also influences the way you use it. Interestingly, Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso is also designed in such a way. It can be seen even when you only see the machine in a glance.

This espresso machine is quite compact and simple. Indeed, the sense of classic is still there particularly if you see the buttons and other features. But overall, it is just elegant and surprisingly lightweight for only around 23 pounds. Meanwhile, it is available with the dimensions of 13.2x 12.5 x 15.8 inches.

This multifunction espresso machine also has some options in term of colors. They are the stainless steel color for the entire product, black, and red. However, it seems that the black and red are quite rare to be found in the market. So, if you find them, you are just lucky.

The buttons and features of this Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso machine are all placed on the front part. It is basically to ease you more in using it. There are the integrated conical grinder, grinder selector, filter size button, hands-free grinding cradle, porta-filter, and the espresso pressure gauge.


This espresso and grinding machine has 15 Bar Italian Pump and the thermo coil heating system. The Italian pump is a special feature that is only owned by the espresso maker and grinding machine from Italy. It is to release the taste of original espresso that you may never find in other places. Meanwhile, the thermo coil heating system available is with a power of 1600 watt, functioned to control the water temperature. Therefore, the heating process tends to be more stable and accurate. Then, the final espresso products can just be tastier.

Based on some Breville BES870XL review Barista Espresso coffee machines, there is also a feature namely the amount selector. The availability of this feature is based on the fact that the needs of making espresso must be different from one to another. Yes, there are surely times when you only want to make it for yourself. Meanwhile, sometimes you must only want to serve your handmade espresso for all family members and friends.

In term of filtering, there are some available options you can choose through the filter size button. The primary ones are the single and double-wall filters. Using this feature, it is possible for you to determine the amount of coffee to be ground and avoid it being too less or too much. It is still added by the stainless steep porta-filter. What is it? Well, if you want to make a kind of good-looking and commercial-style espresso, you can just this feature anyway.

Is this nespresso Breville able to be cleaned easily? It is by seeing that this product has so many detailed features here and there. You should not worry since it is very possible for you to make it as clean as possible after the usage. Aside from the fact that this machine is really light and flexible to be moved anywhere, there is also a great feature namely Clean Me Light. Clean Me Light gives you some indicators whether the machine already needs to be cleaned or not.

The feature of Clean Me Light is really helpful for the fact that such a machine doesn’t need to be cleaned or washed too often. But if it is already in a very dirty condition, you should not postpone your plan for cleaning it. It is because the rest of the coffee can just be simply crusty. This is not hygienic for sure for the next espresso making. Besides, the crust also tends to make your machine damage much faster.

There are some other Breville BES870XL parts that need to be learned furthermore. It is mainly if you want to make the espresso more professionally just like the experts. Some of them are the swivel action steam wand for texturing the milk and the auto purge function that can work automatically to adjust the temperature for the best espresso extraction. The Breville Barista Express BES870XL manual is already provided in the package. So, you can just grab it.

Pros and Cons

In this Breville BES8670XL Espresso machine reviews, the quality of this product should not be questioned anymore actually. In general, this product is very good whether you are a beginner or a professional in term of espresso making. It is also no matter if you only want to use it for household necessities or for the more professional ones like opening an espresso business. The way to operate it is very easy even if you have never dealt with the espresso machine before.

The supporting features are also very great. It is mainly those related to the temperature controller. Manually, espresso is not a kind of beverage which is easy to make. One of them is due to the temperature factor that must be exactly right. Then, this machine from Breville can just make your jobs much easier.

Next, how are about the cons? Although Breville BES8670XL is really easy to operate, it is still not done well without reading the manual. The machine is multifunctional and also complex so make sure you learn it more before using it. Meanwhile, the price is still relatively expensive for the exception if you can find the Breville BES870XL for sale.

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